The perfect conjunction of relax and wellness in the spa treatments available, offered by the Heraclea hotel residence. This Spa – thought for both hotel guests and outside visitors – is modern and functional, cozy and care for details. The charm of its interiors, chromatic variations, refined scents of nature and the staff’s professionalism make the experience exclusive: emotion becomes well-being.


*The spa is closed on Sunday.


Seven sweet wellness treatments: the Heraclea wellness path, eternal youth, space dedicated to woman, space dedicated to man, Beauty Day, suite for couples, massage treatments (face/body treatments).


For skin rejuvenation and revitalization.

The combination of Longevity Complex and Kabat manual techniques contributes to renewal, firm up the tissues for a young looking face and body.
Skin regimen face: revitalising and rejuvenating, duration 30 min
Skin Regimen Body: revitalising and slimming, duration 30 min

Makes skin visibly firmed, repumpled, toned and anti-aging.
The exclusive technology Archi – lift with the Active lift massage stimulate effectively cell regeneration, restore the skin’s elastic and redesign facial volume.
Sublime skin peel express: duration 30 min
sublime lift complete: duration 60 min

Proposed Wellness Paths

Steam bath, hot and cold emotional shower, maracacuja tropican rain, mint cold freez, kneipp path, relax with hot teas, Finnish sauna, ice waterfall, whirlpool bathtub and chromotherapy: duration 80 min

Eternal youth: duration 120 min
Space dedicated to woman: duration 150 min
Space dedicated to men: duration 110 min
Beauty Day: duration 160 min
Suite for couple: duration 60 min

Specific Solutions

With the special ingredients of natural origin and special manual skills, these treatments restore the natural balance of skin trough solutions for every skin condition.
Active pureness: deep purification: 60 min
Hydramemory. Deep hydration: 60 min
Hydramemory express: immediate hydration: 30 min
Skin Resonance: smoothing and nourishing action: 60 min

Body and facial treatments, all-natural and certified for to offer an intense nourishment and ant-aging. Ideal care for sensitive and dry skin. The massage Sacred Nature gives a deep oxygenation and renewed energy.
Sacred Nature Face: Nourishing and tonic: duration 45 min

Sacred Nature Body: Nourishing and renewal: duration 45 min
Sacred Nature Face and Body: Renewal, nourishing and tonic: duration 60 min


Hydrogel mask for eyes eliminates all signs of fatigue and deflates the contours with an immediate and refreshing effect.
Sublime Skin Eye Patch (anti-aging and anti fatigue): duration 30 min

Revitalizing spa treatmens for ands and feet. Customised massages stimulate blood circulation and deeply renew the skin, nourishing it.

Hand specialisr (nourishment and renewal): duration 15 min
Foot Specialist peel: (dry skin and calluses): duration 30 min


Treatments to remodel, to slim and to sculpture your body using the power of natural and marine ingredients, combined with effective massage techniques.
Body strategist cellulite: draining and slimming. Duration 60 min

Anti- aging toning treatments for a perfectly toned body. Bandage with revitalizing termal waters into a mixture of mud or natural elasticising ingredients in a soft mask for the deep renewal of the skin and for the initiation of collagen synthesis.
Body strategist tone: elasticising and firming action. Duration 60 min

Soft depilatory technique with high quality waxes and advanced ingredients to reduce the growth of hair and to improve the skin smoothness
Soft sense: complete – part – small areas.

Rituals Heraclea Spa

Duration: 60 min

Detoxifying, relaxing and draining treatment because of using of hot basalt stones and therapeutic essential oils. The treatment reduces muscular pain, boosts metabolism and relaxes the tissue.

Duration: 60 min

Innovative massagge to do after 5.00 p.m, works on the three different sensory pathways to give deep relaxation, to help sleep and to get over jet lag. The synergy of essential oils, the exclusive sound, the exclusive manual skill with the use of soft brushes, help to reach a state of balance and peace for both the body and the mind.

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Body ritual with Himalayan salt stones, ideal for an intense revitalizing effect. It detoxifies and enhances the effect of remodeling treatments. Sal massage is an extraordinary relaxing and soothing treatment, that purifies at all levels.

Duration: 60 min

Massage with soft and intense manual skill for relaxing the muscles of the face and the body, relaxing tensions and energy blocks.


Wellness is also taking care of fitness, for this reason the Hotel Residence Heraclea offers a complete gym with a wide range of fitness equipment.