DURATION ROUTE 80 minutes. At the entrance the Kit will be delivered: cotton bath towel + plastic slippers

STEAM BATH  (45-48 ° C - 98% humidity).

COLD EMEZIONALE SHOWER: cold mist spray with mint "COLD BREEZE" that will refresh and perfume your body.

KNEIPP ROUTE: (splashes of cold and warm water), a micro vascular and skin massage, passive vascular and muscular gymnastics that favors a psycho-physical wellbeing.

RELAXATION: Lie down on the bed with an infusion to restore the lost fluids.

FINNISH SAUNA: (90 ° C - 10/20% humidity) Your body will be enveloped in an intense dry heat that will warm you up letting the muscular tensions flow and favoring a strong sweating that will renew your body.

ICE WATERFALL: flake ice, sprinkle it on the floor and lean it over your feet to get an immediate fresh effect, at the same time cover and massage the ice all over your body, starting from the lower limbs up to the head (it will be a succession of adrenaline discharges)

KNEIPP ROUTE: this time starting from the hot tub and back.

HIDRO VASCA: Relax in circular hydro-cave for a very pleasant body massage (chromotherapy and toning massage with water)

"TROPICAL RAIN" EMOTIONAL SHOWER: positioned in the hot rain and smelling your body with the maracuja fragrance.

PRIVATE SUITABLE SPA:  Our private Spa Suite is a truly special place.  If you are a couple looking for relaxation, in love and you want to spend unforgettable moments together, here you will find a space where all your dreams will become reality.